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Guest Blogger: Lesley Pelkey

Lesley is a Compassionate Journeys volunteer and also a really awesome friend. In her "real" life, she's a life coach at a high school for at-risk kids (how cool is it that she's so amazing?!), but she's heading up the fundraising efforts for the Tafi Atome Women's Association. What is that, you ask? Well, read below and then check out this video:

Here's what she has to say (please hold your applause until the end):

Dear Friends,

A few years ...

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Bonding with the Universe and Stuff Like That

Sedona MeditationSo this weekend I attended a meditation retreat, Soul Radiance, put on by my beautiful friend Sarah McLean. Sarah's a compassionate, kind and present person who also happens to be the force behind Sedona Meditation, and she was the main presenter for the three-day retreat.

So often, it feels like I'm the one who is supposed to be doing the inspiring and providing the meaningful insights. ... << MORE >>

Guess Who's Back In the Saddle?!

Back in the Saddle Again
US! That's who!

I am not sure if we're super dedicated or just glutton for punishment, but we're getting ready to take this show back on the road! This time we'll be riding the Adventure Cycling Underground Railroad route.

In the slave castles in Ghana, there is always a "Door of No Return." When slaves ... << MORE >>

Five Days to Touring: A Common Sense Guide

Babes Blocking Traffic touring guideWe just finished our inaugural Babes Blocking Traffic coast-to-coast wild and crazy bicycle ride across America, and wow, was it fun! Truth be told, if we didn't have a great cause to push us through, we probably would never have gotten off our couches in the months, er, weeks leading up to the 3,093-mile ride. ... << MORE >>

... And Onward!

Babes Blocking Traffic St. AugustineOur ride is over.

Wow. I think I need to type that again.

Our ride is over.

It is hard to believe something that seemed so daunting and crazy when we first dreamed it up a year and a half ago is finished! We rode our bikes 3,093 ... << MORE >>

Hauntings and Hotlines

babes blocking traffic highway 90 floridaRight now, I'm sitting on my motel bed, not quite sure what town we're in ... I just know we're in Florida and that we only have TWO MORE DAYS! until we're finished! So hard to believe that this ride is coming to an end. We have covered not only miles, but accumulated many laughs and amazing ... << MORE >>

Beach in Sight!

Gulf of Mexico Babes Blocking TrafficWith less than one week til the finish of the first ever Babes Blocking Traffic ride to stop the cycle of human trafficking, the beach is in sight!

We woke up this morning in a beach-y condo in Gulf Shores, AL right on the Gulf of Mexico donated extra kindly by a very special family. For once, we knew ...
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Let's Talk About Faith ...

Babes Blocking Traffic waiting for a signIt's Sunday morning and I'm sitting at a Starbucks in Gulf Shores, Alabama while most of the rest of the world (around here, anyway) is either at church or at the beach. It kind of seems appropriate, then, to talk about faith.

Anyone who knows me well probably had to pick themselves up off the floor after reading ...
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Birthday Wishes

Babes Blocking Traffic Old Centenary Inn Jackson LouisianaI had the privilege this morning of waking up in a lovely bed and breakfast, The Centenary Inn, in Jackson, LA. Thanks to my wonderfully thoughtful husband, I received this lovely surprise for my 47th birthday gift. The luxury of large, soft, white bath towels and down comforters were an exceptionally welcomed blessing after a ... << MORE >>

Today is the Day

Everybody has dreams. Maybe yours involve travel, or maybe you want to do something extraordinary for you. If you wait for the perfect moment, it's never going to happen. You have to decide that moment is here, and form your intention to do it. If you can turn that special thing into an opportunity to show compassion to others and make a difference for others, mountains will move and stars will fall into place, and you will have a chance to peek in on the secret of just what an amazing life this really is.<< MORE >>

Taking Louisiana by Storm

Babes Blocking Traffic Deb in the Louisiana BayouOne thing about Deb and I, we like to jump in to just about anything feet first, and Louisiana is a good example of that. Today we headed to the bayou (after stopping by a truck stop to do our laundry - got to check that awesomeness off of my bucket list) for a swamp tour ... << MORE >>

For the Sake of One ... and the Sake of Many

We have had a whirlwind few days. Wow. Where to start?
Plano press conference For the Sake of One
The  most awesome thing is that we met Melissa Woodward and her husband Richard. Melissa is the founder of For the Sake of One, and is a force to be reckoned with. Meeting her is definitely a high point of our trip. She is a former victim of child trafficking, and her story is one of the most disturbing, yet inspiring stories ...
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Halfway There!

Wow! What a great couple of days! Guess who is now halfway across America?! And guess who is really hot in this 95+ degree weather?! Hot in Texas Babes Blocking Traffic

Just for starters, in case you're one of those skim readers who only reads the first paragraph, we have an awesome press conference scheduled Monday, September 24 at noon at the Frisco Discovery ...
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Top Ten Roadside Finds

Our bodies were a little confused yesterday as we woke up in yet another time zone. We went from Mountain Time in New Mexico to Central Time in western Texas, and we're still adjusting. Yesterday we slept until almost 8:00am, getting us off to a late start.
trash signIt was extremely foggy and 97% humidity (which is high even for the South!), so we had to wait for the weather to clear up and our tent to dry out. Of course, ...
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Nuts, Sand, Wind and Natives - Days 14 and 15

As I write this, we are holed up in Hobbs, NM five miles from the Texas border. IWorld's Largest Pistachiot's hard to believe we're three states in and almost halfway finished with our ride across America! It's kind of nuts, really ... literally. Pistachio nuts. Like the world's largest pistachio at McGill's. Catching up on yesterday, we stayed in the fine town of ...
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Ruins, Pecans and Flat Tires

What a ride we've had the last two days! We started out yesterday (Sept. 11) in Silver City, NM. It's a neat little town, and it reminded me so much of Show Low, Arizona, where I worked as a newspaper reporter for several years. The mountains, ponderosa pines and even the feel of the town were similar. We stayed in a cozy little KOA kabin, which was really com
Silver City Daily Press
fortable. It even had tv and AC, and ... << MORE >>

Dallas, Here We Come!

We're heading to Dallas! We were originally going through Austin, but we've made some friends in Dallas and are changing our route to go there instead! We're excited to get our yee-haw on, and hope to see you there!Babes Blocking Traffic going to Dallas

Here is our new September route, from today forward:
Sept. 11 - Silver City to Caballo, NM
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Gusty and Gorgeous in Globe and Safford

Windy day on the way to Safford
After a crazy windy morning of riding yesterday, we made it to Globe, AZ. The wind was blowing so hard that it was difficult to stay on the shoulder ... and on our bikes for that matter.There were some dicey areas and crazy mountain climbs along the way, but we made it in one piece. We realized how easy we'd had it when we ... << MORE >>

Catching Up and Stepping Back

I'm writing this from the comfort of my own home office, and it's almost surreal. We're in Phoenix, and today's ride was dampened by rain. We're dedicated, but we're not crazy, so we decided not to ride through Phoenix in today's storms. I kind of felt like I could envision myself melting with steam coming off me like the Wicked Witch in Wizard of Oz if I'd have ridden through today. << MORE >>

Laboring on Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day Everyone! Hope everyone is happy and well back home, enjoying some homemade ice cream today for me. Well, I'm finally getting around to adding my two cents worth to the blog, and will try to briefly catch up on the last few days.

We stopped in Anza, CA on our first night on the road. After a harrowing time of putting up our tent in gale force winds,  Earl, our delightful camp ground host, and I spent the evening changing out my rear bike tire. Amanda had purchased new GatorSkin tires ...
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